Japanese University Students with Disabilities Face Many Obstacles to Succeed,” interview for USCAnnenbergMedia about the status of inclusive education in Japan (2018)

The Connection Between Assistive Tech and Japanese Buddhist Epistemology,” interview for Ripple Effects: Travelers with Disabilities Abroad Podcast (Mobility International USA) about transnational technologies and students with disabilities (2018)

There and Back Again: Travel and the Cultivation of Accessibility Consciousness,” interview for Have Disability, Will Travel Podcast (Accessible Travel Forum) about the relationship between global travel and local constructions of accessibility (2018)

How A Trip to Japan Led a Graduate Student to Completely Overhaul Penn’s Campus Map” interview for The Daily Pennsylvanian about the relationship between capacity, race, gender, ability, and campus design (2018)

Crowd-Sourced Map Showcases Campus Accessibility in Real Time” interview for Penn Today about the importance of crowdsourcing accessibility information (2018)