Public-Facing Publications


Accessible Japan’s Tokyo (2020): All You Need to Know About Traveling to Tokyo With A Disability. Independently Published. 209 pp. (Co-author: Josh Grisdale), December 2019

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Sagamihara stabbings highlight discrimination and abuse people with disabilities face in Japan,” Japan Today (Co-author: Michael Peckitt), July 2020

Facing the COVID–19 Crisis With a Disability: If One Person Is Left Behind, it Could Prove Disasterous For All,” The Japan Times (Co-author: Michael Peckitt), March 2020

Disability Doesn’t Define A Criminal Suspect: Linking Mental Illness/Violence Tarnishes an Entire Community,” The Japan Times (Co-author: Michael Peckitt), August 2019

An Olympics Crowdsourcing Project May Be The Answer to Making Japan A More Accessible Country,” The Japan Times, May 2019

Blog Posts (Selected)

Accessing Academia: (Self)Advocacy and Study Abroad with a Disability,” Disabled Academic Collective, September 2020

Creating Inclusive Courses: Five Strategies for Access,” Humane Humanities, December 2019

A Pilgrim’s Tale: Religion, Ritual, and Disability in Japan,” Accessible Japan, May 2019

Disability and Dreams in Japan’s Maid Cafes,” Accessible Japan, April 2019

Robots and Remote Work for Persons with Disabilities,” Accessible Japan, December 2018