Outreach Articles

Disability Does Not Define a Criminal Suspect: Linking Mental Illness to Violence Tarnishes an Entire Community,” The Japan Times (2019)

 An Olympics Crowdsourcing Project May Be The Answer to Making Japan A More Accessible Country,” The Japan Times (2019)

Self-Advocacy Strategies and Study Abroad with a Disability,” Accessible-Japan.com (2019)

Sensational Sumo: Access and Affect in Japanese Sports,” Accessible-Japan.com (2019)

A Pilgrim’s Tale: Religion, Ritual, and Physical Disability in Japan,” Accessible-Japan.com (2019)

Disabled at Disneyland: Best Practices for Barrier-Removal,Accessible-Japan.com (2019)

Accessing Kabuki, Accessing Japan: An Immersive Encyclopedia,” Accessible-Japan.com (2019)

Disability and Dreams in Japan’s Maid Cafes,” Accessible-Japan.com (2019)

Engineering Employment: Robots and Remote Work for Persons with Disabilities at a Japanese Café,” Accessible-Japan.com (2018)

Innovation and Isolation at Tokyo’s Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition,” Accessible-Japan.com (2018)

Disability in Tokyo: On Vanishing and the Imaginary,” Accessible-Japan.com (2016)