Projects and Podcasts

Accessibility Mapping Project (AMP) at the University of Pennsylvania

I began to develop this mobile app for tracking the emergence of physical and social barriers to access on college and university campuses during the fall of 2017. The project remains in development and has been used to map more than seventy buildings in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Building Access in Japan: Memoirs of a Wheelchair User

I began maintaining this auto-ethnographic blog about living and working in Japan as a foreign researcher with a disability in the fall of 2018.

Engineering Employment: Robots and Remote Work for Persons with Disabilities at a Japanese Café

I published this digital article on during the fall of 2018. The article discusses telecommuting, micro-tasking, and other alternative modes of labor for persons with disabilities in Japan.

Japanese University Students with Disabilities Face Many Obstacles to Succeed

I gave this interview about the status of inclusive education in contemporary Japan to USCAnnenbergMedia during the fall of 2018. The interview focuses on problems facing the nation as it tries to implement ‘reasonable accommodation’ in academic settings.

Innovation and Isolation at Tokyo’s Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition

I published this digital article on during the fall of 2018. The article explores the social and cultural implications of emerging assistive technologies in Japan.

The Connection Between Assistive Tech and Japanese Buddhist Epistemology

I gave this interview for US Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and National Clearinghouse on Disability’s  Ripple Effects: Travelers with Disabilities Abroad Podcast in the summer of 2018.  During the interview, I discuss why assistive technology is a critical component of research and the study abroad experience. I also describe how it affected my own life.

There and Back Again: Travel and the Cultivation of Accessibility Consciousness

I gave this interview for the Accessible Travel Forum’s Have Disability, Will Travel Podcast during the Spring of 2018. During the interview, I discuss my philosophy of travel as it pertains to disability and how visiting different places can lead to the cultivation of access consciousness.

Disability in Tokyo: On Vanishing and the Imaginary

I published this digital article on in 2016. The article discuss the physical and social consequences of living in Tokyo with a physical disability.

Baribara Foreigner Special バリバラ外国人SP

I appeared on NHK Heartnet’s Baribara バリバラ variety show in 2015. At that time, I spoke about accessibility in Japan from a foreigner’s perspective.