Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Disabled Japanese are Often Invisible. Will Paralympics Bring Lasting Light?The New York Times (Sept 2021)

In Japan, Disability Advocates Hope the Paralympics Will Showcase the Pawsomeness of Service Dogs,” The Washington Post (Sept 2021)

The British Teen Who Won Wheelchair Slalom at the 1964 Paralympic Games in Tokyo,” BBC News (Aug 2021)

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The Push to Improve Universal Access in Japan,” The Japan Times (Aug 2021)

Olympics Spotlight Exposes Uncomfortable Truths About Japan’s Elite,” The Washington Post (July 2021)

Accessibility is for Everyone: An Interview with Mark Bookman,” American View: Official Magazine of the U.S. Embassy in Japan (July 2020)

Breaking Barriers: The Challenge of Navigating Tokyo in a Wheelchair,” The Japan Times (Nov 2018)

Mapping Access in Philly and the Suburbs,” The Philadelphia Inquirer (April 2018)

Building Better Maps for the Disabled Community,” CNET (April 2018)

How a Trip to Japan Led a Graduate Student to Overhaul Penn’s Campus Map,” The Daily Pennsylvanian (Mar 2018)


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Disability and the Digital Age in Japan,” Asian Ethnology (Nov 2020)

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Know Your Rights: Disability in Asia,” Accessible Media Inc. (Dec 2019)

The Connection Between Assistive Technology and Japanese Buddhist Epistemology,” Ripple Effects: Travelers with Disabilities Abroad (Oct 2018)

Travel and Accessibility Consciousness,” Have Disability, Will Travel (Aug 2018)

Blog Posts

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Composer Tortured Disabled Children: Japan Says to the World, ‘Eat Shit, No Problem’,” Japan Subculture Research Center (July 2021)

Students with Disabilities in the Pandemic コロナと障害学生,” Higher Education Accessibility Platform (HEAP) (Feb 2021)

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Japanese University Students with Disabilities Face Obstacles to Succeed,” USCAnnenbergMedia (Dec 2018)

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“The Future of Accessibility in Japan,” China Global Television Network (Sept 2021)

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“Living with Disability in Japan,” Deutsche Welle (Feb 2020)

“A Society Where All Can Live Happy,” NHK News (Jan 2019)

The Problem of Inflated Employment Statistics for Disabled Individuals in Japan 障害者雇用水増し問題,” RKB News (Jan 2019)

Barrier-Free Variety Show Foreigner SP バリバラ外国人SP,” Baribara (Apr 2015)