Peer-Reviewed Publications

Journal Articles

The Coronavirus Crisis: Disability Politics and Activism in Contemporary Japan,” Japan Focus: The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol. 18(18) No. 3 (2020): 1–13.

“Creating ‘Disability Publics’ in Postwar Japan (1937­–1957),” Journal of Japanese Studies, Vol. 50, No. 1 (2024) (Accepted for publication).

“Localizing Independent Living: The Road to Accessibility Legislation in Japan,” (Under review, Disability Studies Quarterly).

“Prosthetic Dharma: Understanding Debility and Defilement in Medieval Japan,” (Solicited and in preparation for a special issue of Japanese Studies).

Book Chapters

“Disability, Accessibility, and the Study of Religion in Japan: A Fieldwork Guide,” (Solicited and in preparation for The New Nanzan Guide for Japanese Religions).


“Oguri Kōzukenosuke: ‘The Father of Meiji’” in Linda H. Chance and Tetsuko Toda ed., PhilaNipponica: A Historic Guide to Philadelphia and Japan (2015): 32–37.

Conference Proceedings

Access to Accessibility: Building Better Assistive Technologies アクセシビリティへのアクセス:より良い支援技術の構築” in Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers ed., Conference Proceedings of LIFE2019 (2019): 1–6. (Published in English and Japanese)