Speaking Engagements

Please find below a partial list of speaking engagements that I have delivered on accessibility and social inclusion of disabled people.

The Japan Society, “Physical Disability and the Politics of Inclusion in Contemporary Japan,” 2022

U.S.-Japan Conference on Cultural and Educational Exchange, “Accessibility and Inclusion in Japan and Beyond: Lessons to Learn from the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games,” 2022

Accenture, “Understanding the Value of Inclusive Design,” 2022

Bank of America, “Disability Inclusion as an Investment for the Future,” 2022

Moody’s, “Access to Accessibility: Raising Awareness About Disability Inclusion,” 2022

Standard Chartered Bank, “Japan’s Role in Creating an Accessible and Inclusive Global Society,” 2022

American International Group (AIG), “COVID–19 and Changes in Disability Policies in Japan and the USA,” 2021

Joint Chambers of Commerce in Japan Paralliance, “The Impact of the Tokyo Paralympics: Challenges and Transformations,” 2021

Embassy of the United States in Japan, “COVID–19 and Strained Support Systems for Disabled Persons in Japan 日本における支援連携問題の深刻化 ―新型コロナウイルスと環境・介助・施設の歴史―,” 2021

Embassy of Canada in Japan, “Economic Empowerment of Women and Disabled People in Japan: Partial Progress and COVID–19 Setbacks,” 2020

Asia Society, “Inclusion as Innovation: The Future of Disability Policy in Japan,” 2020

Mercari Inc., “Accessing the Online Marketplace: E-Commerce, Inclusive Design, and Mobile Applications for All,” 2020

Japan–U.S. Educational Commission, “From Research to Praxis: Personal Experience as Power in Professional Settings,” 2020

Disabled Persons International, “Learning About Accessibility by Studying the Differences Between Japan and the United States: How Should We Advise Developing Countries? アクセシビリティの示唆における日米での差異―私たちは途上国に何を伝えるべきか,” 2019

Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, “A Short Primer for Disabled People Studying Abroad,” 2018

United States Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), “A Discussion of Disability: Lessons Learned in Japan,” 2016