Release and Relaxation

Hey all!

This week’s entry will be rather short. I’ll go back to my day-by-day posting next week for reasons that will be explained below!

After spending ten days in the hospital, I was discharged on Thursday morning (exactly one month since I first began to feel ill). I went straight home and dropped off my things before running out for a couple of errands. A good night’s sleep allowed me to venture out of my complex again on Friday. While I only managed a brief sushi lunch, I cannot tell you how great it tasted. As it turns out, liberation does have a flavor, and it’s a combination of eel and fatty tuna! On Saturday, I expanded my collapsed lungs by going out to karaoke with some friends. It felt great to be part of a community again, and I really enjoyed myself. I’m currently recuperating from all the beers and belting, but I plan to slowly ease my way back into my work/research starting tomorrow. There’s a lot on the horizon: conferences on international disability, guest lectures for universities in Japan and the United States, accessibility consulting work for the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, and more!

I’ll have a lot more to report next week. Stay tuned, everyone!

Post-Karaoke Bliss

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